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In the same vein (but healthier!) as diet plans that mix up your caloric goals, here’s a 7-day plan that gets harder as it goes along. Start on Day One, follow the plan for a week, then repeat. Yes, it’ll seem ridiculously easy going from Day Seven back to Day One, but this will keep your body challenged and will give you a bit of a break every time you restart. Feel free to make this an eight-day plan and add in a rest day on Day Eight.

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“Eating to lose weight….EAT ENOUGH”

After losing 110 pounds, i’ve learned a thing or two on my journey. And one of them is the Importance of eating ENOUGH for healthy weight loss 8) What does “eating enough” look like, what to eat back after workout.

In seven minutes Sharee has told me what I have been trying I figure out for years.

soooo good!

Reblogging this for all my followers who wants to lose weight. This is how healthy weightloss works, THIS.

I find this video incredibly inspiring to work on my disordered habits to make them healthier.

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